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The interior of Harwood Library. On the table at the center of the image is an issue of Current History magazine. The man on the cover is Adolph Hitler. (Picture …

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On April 6th, 1926, Harwood Library is officially opened. The collection has now grown to about 37,000 volumes. The building is popular with students, although the Librarian, William Daggett, later …

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After Drury’s Semi-Centennial celebration, President Thomas Nadal announces that a new library building will be erected. Judge Charles Harwood donates $50,000 dollars for the construction of a library to be …

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The Library is moved from the West Academy Building to the first floor of Stone Chapel. It will remain there for the next thirty-two years. (Picture of Stone Chapel)

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Professor Edward M. Shepard becomes the College Librarian. The collection now contains 21,000 volumes, and Professor Shepard boasts that the Drury College Library is “the sixth largest between the Mississippi …

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The Library’s collection now contains about 15,000 books and 17,000 pamphlets. The collection can no longer be contained in Fairbanks Hall, and is moved to the second floor of Drury’s …

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The Drury College Library is now about 5,000 volumes strong. The Library is moved out of the Model School Building and into the basement of Fairbanks Hall. (Picture of Fairbanks …

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The College starts a “One Book for the Library” drive. 3,600 Congregational ministers across the country are each asked to donate one book, or $2, which is the average cost …

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On one of his frequent fundraising trips to Boston, President Morrison meets Mr. Knapp of the Boston Public Library, who offers to donate duplicate and withdrawn books to Drury College. …

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The College Library is moved to the Model School Building, which once sat where Bay Hall is now located. (Picture of The Model School Building)

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